Natasha Marson : Artist's Studio

Natasha Marson : Artist's Studio


Landscape paintings by an artist Natasha Marson. 

Hello my dear viewers. I am Natasha Marson,visual artist.

Welcome to my new website:
For many years I had my first website but it is time to move on and be more mobile to manage my art work and social connections.

I have special passion for atmospheric landscape painting.

I am observing and learning from nature ,which is my teacher and I am  grateful student.

Using oil as my choice of medium, I create depth and atmosphere in my paintings , that reflect the dramatic weather conditions  and also expressing my own thoughts and feelings. 

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Landscape paintings. 

Natasha Marson present her paintings 

As an artist, I am passionate about the atmospheric landscape painting. 

All paintings,presented on website are available for purchase. Do not hesitate to contact me and I  will answer to all your questions about the painting,  you are interested.

Artist's Blog

28 Apr 2022

My New painting: "Purple Ray " , oil on linen canvas 60x90cm.

Hello my dear viewers. I'd like to share with you my new painting
"Purple Ray", oil on linen canvas 60x90 cm.
The days seem to go faster and faster.
Sometimes i want to pause time to make the most of it. The sunrise over the mountains always looks promising and adventurous, like beginning of fresh start.
Wish you all the best!
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