Wonder World Paintings by Natasha Marson.

Wonder World Paintings by Natasha Marson.



Hello my dear viewers. I am Natasha Marson,visual artist. Welcome to my website!

My main passion is to create semi-abstract and abstract paintings that carry a meaningful message. In my compositions the viewer will find new visionary forms, presenting my Wonder World.

I like to create energetic compositions using rich colours along with soft, airy strokes that engage the viewer in play.

All paintings,presented on website are available for exhibitions. I have solid bodies of art works and I open to possibility to exhibit them. I have a special offer for art collectors and even more exclusive offer for those who are interesting in my work. Message: I am planning to open a Private VIP Room for my subscribers and followers, where a lot of interesting events are waiting for them. Terms of participation will be announced later.

Do not hesitate to contact me and I will answer to all your questions about my art work. Enjoy your stay!

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