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15 Dec 2022

New painting 

Hello my dear visitors . I would like to share with you my recent oil painting ,working title "Yellow Flowers". Hope it's will warm you up in cold evening.
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9 Sep 2022

Oil painting "Country view "

Hello dear viewers. Here it is my recent painting on canvas , just a country view. Wish you wonderful weekend!
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28 Apr 2022

My New painting: "Purple Ray " , oil on linen canvas 60x90cm.

Hello my dear viewers. I'd like to share with you my new painting
"Purple Ray", oil on linen canvas 60x90 cm.
The days seem to go faster and faster.
Sometimes i want to pause time to make the most of it. The sunrise over the mountains always looks promising and adventurous, like beginning of fresh start.
Wish you all the best!
#NatashaMarsonArtist #nature #painting  #sunrises #mountains #purple #waterfall #contemporaryart 

18 Mar 2022

"VIOLA ",oil painting on linen canvas, 60x60cm .

"Viola "oil painting creating with my thoughts to combine imaginary mountain range and also the beautiful flower. Viola will be the one of my floral seria of oil paintings. 

Hello my dear viewers. This time i am sharing with you my new painting
Hello my dear viewers. This time i am sharing with you my new painting "VIOLA", oil on canvas Violets symbolize modesty.The violet also has roots in Christianity and represents the modesty of the Virgin Mary. The violet also represents spiritual wisdom, faithfulness and humility which are meanings that can be seen depicted in religious works of art.
1 Dec 2021
"Summer Solstice " my recent oil painting.
15 Nov 2021

"Ascent ", oil painting on canvas 80x80cm.

"Ascent" , my oil painting on canvas 80x80cm  , finished, polished  and signed.
It's all about overcoming fears, self-destruction, negativity and re-course yourself in a creative way, a positive outlook on life. Have a grate weekend!
#painting #creative #contemporaryart #landscape #new

25 Sep 2021

"Passion " oil on canvas painting. 

Here is my "Passion " oil painting 80x80cm on display in Zurich Artbox.Project 3.0
I am open for opportunity to exhibit my paintings, inc. non profit, in EU.
Any offers would be very much appreciated!
#Artbox 3.0 #zurich
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27 Aug 2021

"Sunset Watcher " oil painting 

I present to my dear viewers the third modification of the picture "Sunset Watcher ",published earlier. Oil painting on canvas 80x80cm . Visit my website and YouTube channel.
#contemporaryart #landscape #painting #Sunset #Watcher #lake #nature 

25 Jul 2021

"Walk Alone ":oil painting 80x80cm. 2021.

Presenting to all dear viewers my new painting "Walk Alone" ,80×80cm
oil on canvas.
I have to say, i am painting without any reference to a specific place and landscape. Everything comes from my imagination and intuition. I am deprived of the ability to copy (even my own paintings). I just observe nature, and my photographic memory stores all the impressions, everything that happens in the heavens. The theme of solitude     
is especially close to me, since I live alone most of the time. Good day to you all.
#painting #contemporaryart #golden #color #landscape #atmospheric

1 Jun 2021

Moving on 

In the last few months I have been able to move to a new apartment and set up an art studio. I also started some new paintings, one of them will be 0n display in Zurich 3.0 this summer.

I have a plan to shoot  video tour of my studio for my subscribers on YouTube channel. Wish you all to have a grate summer.

25 Jan 2021

Painting "Cloud with a scar "

Presenting my new oil Painting "Cloud with a scar ", 80x80cm.

4 Jan 2021

Happy 2021 Year!I wish you all the best and have enjoyable times. I hope to see you ,visiting my new website and following me on YouTube channel. It's more to come!Hopefully. 

"Remembering ": oil painting on canvas. 
24 Dec 2020
"Violet Peace" oil painting on canvas,80x80cm,2020.


Today is one month since I've published this website and I have to thanks all my visitors, who pop in to see my work. In this Xmas eve I wish you all the best and peacful time over the holydays. My painting, I present is "Violet Peace " , which I've made recently. Hope you will like it. I am trying to make possible to get your comments on this site soon and hear your opinion. 
24 Nov 2020

Welcome to my new website. 

My dear visitors, as you probably  know, I have my own , main website since 2009 untill now and it was good ride. I've made it all by myself and it was made about 10 editions and modifications to that website. Lots of learning and challenges. Now I've decided to move on and make a new website, mobile friendly and easy to keep up to date. 

So, officially i am shooting down my previous soon and moving all my artworks here : 

I am looking forward  to hear your opinion and your comments. Enjoy. 

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