Wonder World Paintings by Natasha Marson.

Wonder World Paintings by Natasha Marson.


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25 Jan 2021


Painting "Cloud with a scar "

Presenting my new oil Painting "Cloud with a scar ", 80x80cm.

4 Jan 2021

Happy 2021 Year!I wish you all the best and have enjoyable times. I hope to see you ,visiting my new website and following me on YouTube channel. It's more to come!Hopefully. 

"Remembering ": oil painting on canvas. 
24 Dec 2020

"Violet Peace" oil painting on canvas,80x80cm,2020.


Today is one month since I've published this website and I have to thanks all my visitors, who pop in to see my work. In this Xmas eve I wish you all the best and peacful time over the holydays. My painting, I present is "Violet Peace " , which I've made recently. Hope you will like it. I am trying to make possible to get your comments on this site soon and hear your opinion. 
24 Nov 2020

Welcome to my new website. 

My dear visitors, as you probably  know, I have my own , main website www.marsonartgallery.com since 2009 untill now and it was good ride. I've made it all by myself and it was made about 10 editions and modifications to that website. Lots of learning and challenges. Now I've decided to move on and make a new website, mobile friendly and easy to keep up to date. 

So, officially i am shooting down my previous www.marsonartgallery.com soon and moving all my artworks here :


I am looking forward  to hear your opinion and your comments. Enjoy. 

24 Oct 2020

"Before the Thunderstorm"

I would like present to your attention my new work "Before the Thunderstorm", oil painting on canvas 80x80cm, 2020. I hope you'll like it. Available paintings on my main website www.marsonartgallery.com

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19 Jul 2020

"Stubborn Phoenix ": oil painting on canvas 60×60cm.


Hello, my readers! Here it is  my participation with "Stubborn Phoenix " painting in Artbox.Project Zurich2.0. on 22nd of August 2020. 
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1 Jan 2020

"Twister ":oil painting on canvas.

Exhibition "Travelling Light "by an artist Natasha Marson,Denia,2020.

Natasha Marson present her new series of Landscape Paintings "Travelling Light " on exhibition in Denia,Casa de Cultura,Spain. The exhibition will be held from 6th of February until 22nd of February 2020 at Sala Grande. Visit her main website: www.marsonartgallery.com 
1 Feb 2018
Exhibition of the paintings by artists Natasha Marson and Clamar Pintor 2018.

Exhibition of the paintings by artists Natasha Marson and Clamar Pintor 2018.

Art exhibition of paintings by artists Natasha Marson and Clamar Pintor in Finestrat. 


Local artists ,Clamar and Natasha Marson represents serial of new expressionistic paintings in the art exhibition in Finestrat on 16th of March 2018 at Sala de exposiciones , Calle San Jose, 8 , Finestrat .
Opening night on 16th of March at 18.00.
Visitors will also enjoy “Musical entertainment” by Claire-Marie, soprano.
Art exhibition will be open for visitors from 16th of March until 13th of April 2018.
Come along and get inspiration from artistic works and charming traditional Spanish town Finestrat with the stunning views of surrounding mountains.
17 Aug 2017
VIRTUAL EXHIBITION : TOKYO The artist Natasha Marson, presents to the  public her Virtual Art Exhibition

VIRTUAL EXHIBITION : TOKYO The artist Natasha Marson, presents to the public her Virtual Art Exhibition "ENCLOSED SPACE : MEDIEVAL ADVENTURE”, in Tokyo, Japan ,series of her art works . The author takes the viewer beyond reality, into the intriguing world of mystical images reminiscent of pieces of mosaic carefully crafted by her imagination, reminiscent of many years of work.The viewer is offered his own research and interpretation of these works.

1 Jul 2017
Mediaservices International :INTERVIEW WITH :   NATASHA MARSON.mp3   -   July 2017, Alicante, Spain.

Mediaservices International :INTERVIEW WITH : NATASHA MARSON.mp3 - July 2017, Alicante, Spain.

1 Feb 2016
Inaguration party. Exhibit opening.

Inaguration party. Exhibit opening.

Exhibition at GALERIA MARQUE,Javea, 2016.

29th of March - 9th of April 2016


Local artist Natasha Marson is to exhibit a collection of landscape paintings  at Galería Marque,Javea.In her work, the artist shares her passion for nature and the beauty of Spanish landscapes. The gallery will waive its commission on all works sold; instead a contribution will be made in aide of local charities.

This exhibition is in support of the local charity Cerebrum. The aims of Cerebrum

The goals are: To normalize the lives of people with physical or cognitive  acquired brain damage in their everyday lives.

1 Oct 2015
Sala grande :museum Soler Blasco.

Sala grande :museum Soler Blasco.

Art exposition "Country Walks "by Natasha Marson. 

Art Exhibition "Country Walks" by Natasha Marson at Museum Soler Blasco, Javea.Exhibition runs from 13th November to 13th December 2015. Museum Soler Blasco, Carrer Primícies, 1 , Javea

"The nature as complex entity possesses a magic possibility, force to recreate and provide us with all necessary for life.

Being connected with the nature, the spirit restores our balance and serenity, refills our energy, giving us great joy of life”.

                                          Natasha  Marson

 REVIEW : by Isabel Bilbao

Taking inspiration from varieties and beauty of the surrounding nature and studying its changes the author uses it to express fusion of feelings and emotions, explore the way to create illusion of space.

 REVIEW : by Isabel Bilbao

1 Sep 2011

"Enclosed Space ": photo art serial by Natasha Marson.

"Enclosed Space :exhibition of photo art serial by Natasha Marson. 

Art Exhibition "Enclosed Space" by Natasha Marson at Museum Soler Blasco, Javea

Exhibition runs from  September 9th until October 2nd 2011

The inauguration is on Friday 9th of September at 20.00 at Museo Soler Blasco

(Old Town) Sala Exposicions, Placa dels Germanas Segarra1, Javea.

The opening hours are Tuesday to Friday from 10.00-13.00 and 18.00-21.00

Saturdays and Sundays 10.00-13.00. Admission  free.

Watch virtual exhibition on You Tube channel:

Virtual Art Exhibition "Enclosed Space".

For more information visit www.marsonartgallery.com 

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